STRATEGY, ADVISORY & HAND-HOLDING Fourthleap November 23, 2021
Strategy, Advisory
& Hand-holding

We employ a full range of strategic planning, monitoring, and organizational development and management consulting tools to help our clients manage for results. Using a collaborative approach, we design implementation plans, establish and track performance metrics, and build human and institutional capacity to advance development effectiveness This services are available to all organisations contributing to social change, including Government bodies, Non-Government Organisations (NGOs), Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) departments, and impact investors.

Impact Strategy

Fourth Leap’s strategic advisory services provides individuals and organizations with executive-level guidance in managing key risk areas, Strategies and social programmes that are evidence-based, result-oriented, and culturally relevant.

Impact Measurement

An objective assessment of impact investments, programme implementation, and impact outcomes to determine achievement of results.

Impact Management

A continuing function of systematic collection of data to determine the extent of progress and achievement of results from social programs and investments.