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Social Impact & Sustainability Consulting (Helping accomplished professional give back and achieve real social impact)

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Social Impact and Sustainability

Fourth Leap Consulting is a full service Social Impact and sustainability consulting firm. We are focused on accelerating growth and impact in the development space. Creating real impact is vanishing. NGOs and impact focused arms of companies need to rethink their impact strategy. It’s the only way to achieve long term collective survival and sustainability and we are at the very core of that.

Why choose us

We serve clients in various industries. However, we are particularly well suited to help NGOs Sustainability units of Major corporations, CSR Unit of companies. Impact focused government agencies and parastatals

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We have helped many individuals and organizations reach their goals and enhance their experiences.

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We have helped numerous NGO reach their goals and enhance their experiences
Brand Storytelling
Impact, Strategy and Leadership Advisory
Branding & media leveraging
Training and Capacity Building

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Client Testimonials
You can always count on Fourth Leap to deliver excellence in record time. Working with them was such a pleasure. They helped and advised us with a number of our key projects at Wise Up.
Bode Ekerin Chief Impact Officer | The Wise up Initiative
I love working with Fourth Leap! They are definitely the best Digital and Social impact agency we have worked with so far. They handled our entire rebranding process and a lot of other project activations effortlessly. I must say that everyone at Fourth leap has become an intricate part of our work and successes at the Velocity Initiative.
Elaine Jabitta Founder and Director | Velocity Initiative
I would always recommend fourth leap to everyone who cares about saying the right things to the right audience in the right way and through the right channels. They are exceptional at communication and impact strategy.
Olamide Victor Chief Executive Officer | StartNow Channel