Capacity Building Fourthleap November 24, 2021
Capacity Building

At Fourth Leap we take a unique approach to social and personnel development that focuses on understanding the obstacles that inhibit organisations and their human capital from realizing development goals while enhancing their abilities to achieve measurable and sustainable results. Capacity building and development means much more than training activities as it includes not only human resource development but also organisational and institutional development (UNESCO, 2010)

We focus on capacity building at three levels. At the individual level, which is the process of imparting knowledge, developing skills, and changing attitudes and behaviours while maximizing the benefits of participation, knowledge exchange, and ownership. At the organisational and institutional levels, capacity building of statt, manager, leaders, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) departments and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) focuses on the overall organisational performance and functioning capabilities.

Social Impact

Starting and sustaining your non-profit (passion to Impact)
Partnerships for development
Fundraising and grant writing
The fundamentals of advocacy
Communication for Development
Monitoring & Evaluation
Program management

Strategy & Business Performance

Management Retreats
Sales Performance & Marketing
Strategic Planning & Implementation
Effective Change Management
Client Service & Quality assurance

Personal & Professional Effectiveness

Office tools Management & Administration
Design Thinking and Innovation
Effective Presentation & Public Speaking Skills
Business Writing & official communications
Creative Problem Solving & Decision Making
Time Management
Critical thinking

Management & Leadership

Managing People for Result Leading Teams
Management & Business Skills for Secretaries
Profitable Branch Management
Advanced Management & Admin Skills for PAs
Supervisory Skills Development
Human Resources & Talent Management

Communication & Conflict Management

Team Bondng
Team Building for High Performance
Use of Language
Giving and receiving feedback
Persuasion and Negotiation skills

  • We also offer customized training to suit your specific needs  on all the aforementioned subject areas including sustainability and occupational Health and safety.